Saturday, May 23, 2015

Flashback to Airstream

Not all motor homes are inbound from Europe!

Some are outbound, including these two classic Airstreams, seen on the evening of May 21 waiting to enter the Fairview Cove terminal the next morning. The smaller one appears to be a 24 foot Argosy from the mid 1970s and the larger one is a model 310, 31 footer from the early 1980s.

Both are in original condition, and driveable, but appear to be headed for restoration by collectors. (They are currently wearing Quebec plates.)

There are lots of references online to these unique vehicles, built on GMC or Chev chassis with Chev 454 engines.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Herring Tankers - updated

Among the more unusual cargoes travelling Atlantic Canada's highways is herring. During the fishing season,the small fish are pumped from fishing boats directly into tank trailers and trucked away to fish plants.

Kenworth with set-back axle, is starting to load herring into its tank trailer. The trailer appears to be a former fuel tanker.

The trailers are usually not new - they are often older fuel or milk tankers, re-purposed to carry fish. They are top loaded with the fish, and a certain amount of salt water in a slurry form. On arrival at the fish plant the cargo is dumped from gate valves installed on the back of the trailers.  The trucks do not require any pumping gear, so that any available tractor can be called upon to haul herring in season.

There is considerable variety in trucks and trailers waiting to load. A very nice looking Pete with a stainless steel jacketed trailer joins some rougher looking rigs.

Not all herring ride in the comfort of tanks, some have to travel in fish boxes, lashed down to a flat bed.

 Once each box is loaded by means of a pump chute from the fishing boat, the lids are put on and tied down. There is a fair amount of sloshing around in the boxes, which must present a bit of a challenge for the driver of this fine looking Peterbilt.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A tale of two Kenworths

Kenworths come in all shapes and sizes, and there are still lots of traditional types on the road.

Floyd Gibbons Trucking runs one such rig, among many others.
( That's an Agrifac self-propelled crop sprayer on the trailer. )

But then there are newer versions:

This is the sleeper version of the T880 - and although it is not traditional looking it is impressive nonetheless. As usual KW has an equally impressive 26 page brochure to go with it:


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Big Stuff on Big Trailers

Some recent oversize loads have caught my attention.

No secret what was shrink wrapped on this trailer:

But the hauler was a treat:

T-Lane of Saint John, NB brought out their big Freightliner for the job.

An Atlas Copco MT42 minetruck was ready to roll last week but it was not until last evening that Mills Heavy Hauling's Mack Granite arrived to haul it out. [see next posting on Kenworths for the red machine in the background]

Mills also had this rig at Aulac, NB earlier this month, heading west.
There were lots of miles on the Western Star (which sitting unattended, with its engine roaring at top revs)

But not so the brand new Liebherr loader. It was fresh off the ship and headed west. It's a Paron trailer, but I'm not sure about the dolly.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Spring

With a winter that does not bear remembering, I welcome spring with a return to normal postings on Truckfax. 

First up - those wonderful traveling Germans are back with their variety of off road and on road motorhomes of all descriptions. Every week ships of the Atlantic Container Line bring in several of these intrepid visitors. Here is a sampling of recent arrivals through the Port of Halifax.

Team Tinkerbell from Anvil Aerospace arrived with this Merc Unimog U4000. I'll let you figure out the model year (and it isn't 2772).

A more streamlined ride is this VW with  Autark camper body. See:

Somewhere between the two, but still in gunmetal colour, this LandRover has an ambitious map traced out on its spare tire rim.

And now for something completely different. An IVECO chassis and Carthago M-Liner camper van body, has lots of storage space for smaller vehicles in the cargo bay. 

And finally:

Although it is a Mercedes, it is wearing Canadian license plates, from British Columbia.  The body is from Leisure Travel Vans and it is a Unity model.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

It will be a green Christmas in Halifax this year - no snow anywhere in sight. It will also be extremely green wherever this Toyota will be parked. But there is a Christmas wreath in the background as  a small reminder of the season.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Aerodyne rehab

A Kenworth COE with the Aerodyne raised roof sleeper has received a new lease on life with a rebuild that includes a lift axle.
Judging by the size of the front tires, this rig is destined for some heavy work.

I have featured these revolutionary (at the time) COEs here before. See:

The classic good looks of the KW COE mean that these cabs are still in demand for rebuilds. So far Kenworth has not offered their new COE for sale in North America (Freightliner sells their on a limted basis as a glider). KW developed an upgraded COE for the Australian market several years ago: