Thursday, July 30, 2015

Going, going, ......

Go'in Fish'n

In the next few days I will be departing on my annual August break from computers. I doubt that I will be doing any fishing, but I will be absent from the keyboard until September.

This (mostly) Dodge pickup plays a role, along with Ned the Dog, in the upcoming move The Healer filmed recently in Nova Scotia. In these photos it was being transported to a shoot in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax. The containers in the background are stacked in the adjacent Halterm Container Terminal.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Now for Dessert

What better way to enjoy a cone than from a Chevrolet Step Van. Particularly from one built in the days when they had rounded shapes.

This 1950s-1960s unit was likely built by Grumman on the Chev chassis with a few Chev grille components thrown in. It was pumping out the soft icecream in Bedford, Nova Scotia on July 17.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Everything from fish to chips

From the strange things on flatbeds department of Truckfax comes this selection of unusual loads moving through the port of Halifax.

First: Fish
Exactly a month ago I spotted three wide loads on heavy trailers - no trucks visible. I couldn't begin to guess what they were.

A close examination of labels revealed that they a line of fishmeal processing equipment from Haarslev Industries, a worldwide company based in Denmark. The loads were bound for Connors Brothers in Black's Harbour, NB. Due to their size they were restricted to night time travel hours, so I never did see whose trucks were hauling them.

The tonight I saw the second half: Potatoes 

This double row harvester, a used Spirit 8200 model, made by  AVR of Belgium was heading for Alberta.  Hauling it is specialized carrier Briway Carriers Inc of Alliston, ON. Interestingly the Briway owners are a potato farming family, but they have expanded into other specialties too. They have some very impressive trailers as you will also see from their website.

If you want to know more abut the harvester here are a couple of informative links:

The driver for this rig is actually based in Brussels, ON (not Belgium). His backhaul after this load will be another potato harvester from Idaho to Prince Edward Island.

He will only get as far as New Brunswick on Saturday and will have to lay up since he won't be able to run through Quebec on Sunday.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

In for service

When I take my car to the Ford dealer for service I often see Ford trucks there too. In the last short while I seem to be seeing red.
The Municipality of the District of West Hants is served by the Uniacke + District VFD. This 2012 Ford F550 crew cab runs as Pumper Rescue 305, and was built as a mini-pumper/tanker/rescue by Metalfab.

Part of a 2011 order Halifax Fire + Emergency Services has three of these small rescue units in service. Built on a Ford F350 chassis it carries a Reading body with dual rears and a towing hitch. Numbered 11-517R,   it runs as Rescue 36 assigned to the Meagher's Grant station, a good 45 miles from the this Ford dealer, but still within Halifax.

Halifax also runs numerous utitlities, among them this 2002 GMC Sierra 4x4, numbered 02-280U. It is fitted with a communication and light package, but aside from the cap is pretty much an off the shelf pickup. It is assigned to general duties.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Who's LAVs

A quartet of LAVs showed up on the waterfront July 21. Shrink wrapped for shipment, the LAVs showed no identification markings.

General Dynamics Land Systems in London, ON manufactures the rigs and has had contracts with many countries in the past, primarily Saudi Arabia. A huge 14 year contract for more LAVs for SANG (the Saudi Arabian National Guard) was signed last year, but deliveries are not expected to start until 2016. Although the deals are between the US and Saudi Arabia, Canada takes credit for them because the LAVs are built in Canada and exported through the Canadian Commercial Corp. However Saudi Arabia is free to buy "one-off" units directly too, and these usually receive no press coverage.
If not for Saudi Arabia, these four may then be part of an order for Columbia which is ongoing now.

In the past scores of the LAVs have been stockpiled in Halifax then shipped out en masse on Saudi Arabian ships. We will keep an eye open for more.

As usual it was shiny black and red Kenworths from Earl Paddock Transportation of Stoney Creek, ON that delivered the LAVs using B-trains. The company is now marketing itself as Paddock Transport International:


Long arm grab makes long load

Amongsat the many pieces of machinery that have arrived in Halifax by ship over the last few days, this Terex Fuchs MHL360 caught my attention. It is specially built to handle scrap metal with an orange peel grab.

Not immediately obvious from the photo is the fact that the operator's cab is also mounted on an articulated hydraulic boom that can raise it to about half the height of the boom. The company's product literature shows more:

Carrying the unit was S&M Trucking of Sydney, NS, with one of their Freightliners. It is equipped with a chrome bull bar - a most useful device for traveling in New Brunswick and Newfoundland with huge moose populations and Nova Scotia with deer in profusion.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Mack victorious in battle for MSVS

Mack Defense LLC of Allentown, PA won the bid to supply the Canadian military with 1500 8X8 Standard Military Pattern trucks, 300 trailers and armoured protection kits in a $843 mn deal announced last week.

The trucks will be assembled in Quebec, creating 700 jobs before the expected 2017-2018 delivery and a five year, extentable in-service support program thereafter.

Many expected Oshkosh would get the job using a variant of their HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Military Tactical Truck) which is used by the US. (There may have been other bidders too, including BAE, Daimler, Navistar, Renault and MAN).

The much delayed program to replace 1980s era Canadian trucks, called the Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS), built by Bombardier, started in 2006 but was canned a couple of times due to budget constraints and political timing.

So what will the new trucks look like?

(Armoured cabin version shown)

There will be several versions, including cargo, cargo with crane, load handling system (shown above), mobile repair, and gun tractor. Plus up to 150 can be fitted with the add-on armour kits.

Mack is owned by Volvo nowadays, but has managed to retain much of its engineering in house. However the Volvo bus subsidiary, Prevost Car, will assemble the trucks at its Ste-Claire, QC factory, southeast of Quebec City.

Other companies involved are Dumur Industries, of Saskatoon (armour), EODC Inc of Ottawa, part of IBD Deisenroth (armour), and Raydan of Edmonton (Link Suspension, twin steers, etc.,)

And yes, the will carry the bulldog on the front hood.