Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just in time delivery from Europe and bound for Europe

Delivered this week by ship these two Vovlos will soon be earning there keep - although I am not sure where, since they carry no owner markings.

They are aircraft de-icing rigs, built by Vestergaard A/S of Denmark, and carry Vestergaard's Elephant Beta tower which raises the operator well above the ground with a clear view of the de-icing process.

Vestergaard is a family owned business producing various kinds of Ground Service Equipment. With several branches and representatives around the world, its North American presence is Vestergaard Inc in McHenry, IL. More on the company here: vestergaard

The truck chassis are Volvo FE 260, a model not normally seen in Canada.

The articulated tower folds up to give the rig a 4,05m maximum height.


Heading in the opposite direction - back to Europe - is this German plated Peugeot. The RV conversion is by CS-Reisemobile and it is the Korfu model.

Peugueot, the French automaker, produces a line of small commercial vehicles in cooperaiton with Fiat and Citroen. The Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper and Peugeot Boxer have the same mechanicals, but with slight body differences.
This one appears to be  Boxer II model, produced between 2002 and 2006. If so it is in remarkably good condition- aside from one BooBoo on the front left lower bumper.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

GDLS import

The constant flow out export Ligth Armoured Vehicles from General Dyamics Land Systems Canada (based in London, ON) now has a backhaul component.
Normally we see LAVs arriving in pairs on Earl Paddock drop decks for export by ship to Saudi Arabia. As far as I was awre the trucks returned empty back to Ontario. Yesterday I noted one of the trucks with a pair of LAVs inside the Fairview Cove container termanil - np picture possible.
Today however I saw (possibly) the same truck outbound from the terminal bearing a different dort of LAV- not painted in desert colours.

This one looked a bit slicker that the usual military vehicle and even had a "GDLS" on the front. It laso had General Dynamics painted on the side near the back.
 It seems to have arrived from Europe and is not identified in GDLS Canada's web site.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

And another one

The second MAN this week - this one from Germany - and with a very slick RV body.

 This MAN model TGM 18.340 is a much bigger and more rugged rig than the one I saw Monday.

 The Bischoff-Scheck body is almost featureless. It is better know for its racing industery trailers:

The flush fitting access door is barely visible just ahead of the rear axle. This is really a fortress on wheels!


Monday, October 10, 2016

And they keep on coming

With more than a dozen or more foreign RVs, ranging from bus size to pickup, lined up in the compound at Fairview Cove, the end of the season will soon be here. Most will leave Halifax by ship in the next few days.
It is unfortunate that photos are not possible in that area, for the array is quite astounding.
I am able to pick off the odd one before it enters the compound, but that is rare.
Yesterday I was fortunate to catch this MAN from France.

California, Mexico and Cuba are among the stickers plastered on the cabin.

This rig is equipped with a winch and frame at the rear which I assume is used to extract a motorcycle from the hatch. It also has a "Dakar Arica" label and the tire frame is marked Baja Rack. The owners are obviously desert lovers.

MAN trucks and Neoplan buses are produced by MAN Truck + Bus AG of Germany, a company that is owned by Volkswagen. They are sold world wide, except in North America where they are still seen only rarely.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

They're Back

They're back and so am I, at least partially. Since August vacation I have been traveling on business, so I have a backlog of photos to post. I will work away at them over the coming weeks.

By "them" I mean those prolific recreational vehicles from abroad, which stream in and out of Halifax by ship all summer long and well into the autumn. Most are from Europe, but last week I spotted a first- an Australian.

Plastered with souvenir license plates and carrying a large set of moose antlers on the roof, this Isuzu is certainly a rare sight too. I could not tell from a distance if it was right hand drive, which it should be, since Japan and Australia are among the few right hand drive countries in the world (and Britain of course.).

The vehicle advertises a web address, but I would not follow up on it as it shows as not secure.

More typical are European visitors, such as this sleek little Citroen with Possl van conversion. The occupants were airing a little laundry on the driver's side as they waited for the Fairview Cove terminal gates to open.

These vehicles fan out all over North America, so it wasn't much of a surprise to see several in Quebec this summer.

This odd  little Toyota Hilux pick-up chassis with camper body was a lot more basic than many of the European vehicles I have seen from Germany, although I did see a similar one in 2013. It does appear to have a pass through into the cab.

More big trucks to come...


Thursday, July 7, 2016

On Vacation

Truckfax will be more or less on vacation until September. I may make the odd post if I am near my computer.
I won't be resting in a Mercedes Carthago before I start out on my travels.

The owners of this one were doing a little map study yesterday before they hit the road.

I also will not be fortunate enough to take my vacation in a Mercedes Zetros 2733 with a Bliss Mobil RV body built like a shipping container.

This one came barreling out of the Fairview Cove container terminal this afternoon heading directly for the open road with no stopping to check the map. It is wearing Dutch license plates, but was going too fast to glean any other information.

I'll be back when the crops are in...

Pete hauling a Deere harvester runs for Pro-Chop Equipment Inc of St-Armand, QC. Love the chain motif paint job and the air horn down beside the battery box. I bet it gives bicyclists a real thrill!
Owner operators are a couple from Chamberland, QC.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kalmar Ottawas on the job at Halterm

The Halterm container teminal has put some of its new Kalmar Ottawa T2 terminla tractors in serivce. They are replacing earlier Ottawas that have seen many years of rugged use.

The new tractors join a series of new Kalmar front end loaders. All the new units appear to be taking the yard numbers of the units they are replacing, making it easy to keep score.